Urodynamic Catheters

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Our urodynamic catheters and accessories are designed and manufactured in the UK and work with the various configurations of urodynamic equipment in all hospitals.


We can provide bladder pressure catheters, bladder filling catheters, double lumen cystometry catheters, rectal balloon catheters, single lumen UPP catheters, and cystometry sets. The products are designed for accurate measurements as well as maximum comfort for the patient.
For full specifications please see our Urodynamics Catheters product sheet.


We can provide pump tubing sets for the following systems:
• Laborie
• Medtronic
• Sedia
• MMS UD2000
• Lifetech
• MMS Solar
• Albyn
• Lectromed

Each one features a male luer lock for connecting securely to the catheter filling line. Used in procedures throughout the country, these sterile, single-use pump tube sets are manufactured to the highest standards.

We also provide Novadomes, Logical Domes and Pressure Domes, together with Extension Sets, Pump Guard Sets, Graduated Urine Beakers and Female Voiding Adaptors.

Our set guards are sterile single-use, have a white non-vented cap, clear PVC female and male luer, pillow check valve and female labryntical cap. They are designed to fit between a pump tube set and filling catheter, preventing the pump tube set being contaminated from the catheter.


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