TEC-8300 series Defibrillator

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When faced with cardiac emergencies, accurate and reliable monitoring with life support is crucial. The Cardiolife TEC-8300 series defibrillators are portable biphasic defibrillators designed with cutting-edge technology. They offer seamless critical life-support functions for intensive care with monitoring of vital parameters both before and after reaching clinical care.


The Cardiolife TEC-8300 series is equipped with technologies and features which give fast charging and shock delivery, easy operation and efficient monitoring of cardiac patients.

Key Features of the TEC-5600 series defibrillators

  • High resolution 8.4” TFT colour LCD display
  • MULTI-connector ensures monitoring of parameters, eg ECG, SpO2, CO2, IBP, NIBP and temperature
  • EC1 arrhythmia analysis algorithm improves the accuracy of arrhythmia analysis and reduces false alarms
  • Complete modular flexibility with multi connector and Smart CableTM System that immediately detects type of parameter and commences measuring accordingly when connected to MULTI socket
  • Nihon Kohden’s unique ActiBiphasic technology which actively controls the second phase of the shock impulse, keeping a constant impulse curve. Defibrillation with low energy-consuming biphasic impulse curve ensures less damage to the cardiac muscle while guaranteeing high defibrillation efficiency
  • CapONE is the world’s first mainstream CO2 sensor that can measure EtCO2 in non-intubated patients and also accurately measure CO2 for intubated patient by altering the airway adaptor. It needs no complicated settings or warm-up time, therefore delivering quick results
  • Up to 6 traces can be shown simultaneously
  • 12-lead ECG data can be shared with mobile device via Bluetooth
  • Provides intuitive and user-friendly AED function and external pacing
  • Data can be transmitted to remote facilities by email
  • Nihon Kohden’s data management system allowed data to be viewed at the hospital on a PC with ECG viewer software
  • Self-test indicator that facilitates daily and monthly tests
  • Built-in thermal recorder for a variety of defibrillation informatio
  • SD card for storage
  • AC/battery operation


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