Micro-Tip® Atraumatic Spinal Needle

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The Micro-Tip® Spinal Needles are cannulas for spinal puncture with conical-elliptic shaped tip with oval lateral eye, made of ‘Phynox’ siliconized medical quality stainless steel with a transparent handle in polycarbonate.


  • The new ‘dual diameter’ design micro-tip spinal needle combines the stiffness of a large gauge needle with a smaller diameter in the tip area.
  • Quick flush back of spinal fluid, offering less technique failures and reduction of dura trauma and PDPH rate.
  • Made of siliconised, medical quality stainless steel to reduce friction when the needle is inserted.
  • Greater internal diameter along most of the needle length improves ease of injection, and added safety with the centimetre marking on the needle tubing, which allows a greater evaluation of the depth of penetration of the needle.
  • The 360° magnifying ‘window’ in the hub allows quicker recognition of spinal fluid.
  • The atraumatic, conical-elliptic flexible needle tip reduces the risk of bone injury as it has been designed to bend 180 degrees without breaking.
  • The double colour code on the stylet hub reminds the user of the double diameter of the needle and makes identification much easier.


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