InfuseIT™ Disposable Pressure Infusor

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The InfuseIT pressure infusors by Salter Labs are designed to be easy to use, with faster inflation, and highly-visible pressure gauge to facilitate fast setup and easy maintenance.


The InfuseIT™ Pressure Infusor’s unique, easy to read, fully enclosed pressure gauge enables 360 degree viewing from any angle, and the enclosed valve eliminates the risk of fluids being trapped and hidden. The sturdy loop hanger makes it easier to locate onto IV poles regardless of height. The IV fluid bag hook is designed to fit all standard bags snugly and also accommodates the new generation of wider solution bags.

The latex-free, clear, NPSA compliant sleeve around the bag enables users to view pressurised fluids and text clearly and the smooth cuff material offers a wipe-clean surface. It is made of durable construction and will not rip or tear.

The pressure infusors are fitted with a palm size, high volume hand bulb for quicker inflation.

Available in 500ml, 1,000ml and 3,000ml sizes with either stopcock or thumbwheel valve.


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