Grip-Lok® 2200NUZA PICC and Line Securement

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Grip-Lok® 2200NUZA PICC stabilisation device will fit a wide range of hubs made from silicone and other plastic compounds.


The securement device is hypoallergenic, breathable and latex-free. 2200NUZA has zinc oxide skin contact adhesive that is gentle on sensitive skins and neonatal patients as it is designed for neonatal sized PICC lines. It is easy to apply, open, inspect and adjust. The soft, flexible fabric design improves patient comfort, and is low profile with no pins or hard hard plastic parts. Grip-Lok® 2200NUZA is sterile packed.

Grip-Lok® is applied in the same simple manner as a plaster and can be easily placed and adjusted with gloved hands.


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