Grip-Lok® 2100ANG Nasal Gastric Securement (10-pack)

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Grip-Lok® Nasal Gastric offers firm securement of feeding tubes and will fit a wide range of tube sizes. The securement devices are hypoallergenic, breathable and latex-free, and provide superior securement for both vertical and horizontal accidental line pulls.



The 2100ANG has a split 3-section lid for enhanced tube securement and a side notch to assist with correct alignment against the nostril. Easy to apply, open, inspect and adjust, the sterile packed Grip-Lok® 2100ANG Nasal Gastric Securement device offers a soft and flexible fabric design that is comfortable and safe for patients.

Grip-Lok® is applied in the same simple manner as a plaster and can be easily placed and adjusted with gloved hands.

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