DuraCheck™ Reusable Blood Pressure Cuffs

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The DuraCheck reusable blood pressure cuff is manufactured from durable, latex-free nylon material which is comfortable and strong for long life and multiple patient use.



The bladderless design is accurate and easy to clean, and the colour coding makes the cuff sizes easy to identify. These DuraCheck™ reusable blood pressure cuffs connect to electronic NIBP monitors or manual blood pressure measurement systems, and a full range of connectors and adapters allow standardisation of the cuffs across the whole hospital.

The unique Poppa connector allows facilities to standardise to one set of cuffs, eliminating the need to change cuffs when patients move to other departments.

The DuraCheck™ reusable blood pressure cuffs are available from infant size up to large adult long, and an even longer thigh cuff.


Comfortable and strong.


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