Drenofast High Vacuum Wound Drainage System

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Drenofast is a sterile, disposable, single-use Redon drainage system with incorporated vacuum, offered in various bottle sizes. The incorporated vacuum guarantees an efficient and constant evacuation of exudates and accelerates healing without risk of internal haemorrhaging.


  • The luer lock connection allows the safe and fast replacement of full bottles, avoiding the formation of pressure induced aerosol during disconnection and therefore any risk of infection.
  • Sets include transparent graduated bottle, drain, trocar and extension tubing.
  • Sterile, disposable, single-use Redon drainage system.
  • Maximum vacuum for 90% fill
  • Greater active length of drain
  • Vacuum pressure 700mmHG
  • Universal connector system.
  • Bellow indicates the residual vacuum level available.
  • Luer lock connection.
  • Replacement bottles available.
  • Drenofast has been used in NHS hospitals for many years.


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