Curas C3 Closed System Urine Emptying Bag

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The Curas Closed System Emptying Bag is designed to connect safely directly onto the drainage tap of a leg-bag. Once the urine is inside the C3 Emptying Bag the super absorbent powder goes to work, acting in a similar way to an incontinence pad or nappy whereby the urine turns to a gel inside the bag.


After use, the C3 Emptying Bag is easily disconnected and discarded following hospital protocol thus totally avoiding, or at least significantly reducing, spills, leaks and hazards.

The C3 Emptying Bag is a cost-effective solution and highly recommended where urine handling is involved, especially in higher risk scenarios where cytotoxic urine or infectious urine is involved.

Many individuals using leg-bags are often using sizes ranging from 1/3 to 2/3 of a litre capacity which isn’t sufficient to hold the urine collected during the night. Consequently, leg-bags are often attached to a night-bag of a much larger capacity which is then placed on a table or hung by the bedside. The C3 Emptying bag is a far more discrete, practical and convenient product, designed by the manufacturer with infection prevention in mind.


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