AutoSelector® Infusion Control System

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The AutoSelector® is a disposable balloon pump with an integrated flow regulator that allows for flexible programming, offering continuous and/or intermittent infusion and ideal for a wide range of medications and schedules.


The AutoSelector® is intended for continuous and/or intermittent infusion of medication for general infusion use, including antibiotic, chemotherapy and pain management therapies.

Multiple choices of flow rates and PCA options allow you to customize your patient’s pain protocol, and can be adjusted accurately and easily whenever the patient’s medication needs changing.

AutoSelector® flow rate can be adjusted in 8 discrete steps from 0.5ml/hr – 7ml/hr or 1ml/hr – 14ml/hr according to your patient’s needs.

The AutoSelector® is easy to prepare; the pump can lie flat during the filling process for simple syringe transfer.

Advantages of AutoSelector®

  • The AutoSelector® is lightweight and small, making them more comfortable for the patient to carry when ambulatory
  • Safety lock with removable key and lockable cover prevents patient tampering
  • 8 incremental flow rates
  • Comfortable to use, ensuring patient compliance
  • Front fill port accommodates easy filling
  • Available in various volume sizes (60ml, 100ml, 150ml, 275ml, 400ml, 550ml)
  • Reservoir design significantly reduces pressure needed to fill balloon
  • Local anaesthesia pain management promotes increased patient mobility, faster recovery, fewer re-admissions, decreased narcotic usage, lower infection rates, greater patient satisfaction
  • Latex free and DEHP free


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