AutoFuser® Disposable Silicone Balloon Pumps

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The AutoFuser® is intended for continuous and/or intermittent infusion of medication for general infusion use, including antibiotic, chemotherapy and pain management therapies.


The unique circular design and small profile produces a comfortable, disposable pump without compromising reservoir volume. It has a hard protective shell and comes with a round carry bag with strap clip to allow for ambulatory flexibility, regardless of surgical site location. The carry bag is light, soft and discreet with no visible product branding, and is made of wipe-clean material.

The graduated markings on the AutoFuser® enable infusion progress to be monitored and it can be refilled, primed and ready for patient use within minutes. Unlike some elastomeric pumps, the AutoFuser® is easy to prepare as the pump can lie flat during the filling process for simple syringe or filling device transfer. The recessed fill port minimises sterility issues – within minutes the pump can be filled, primes and ready for patient use. The pumps are available in a comprehensive range of volumes, flow rates and bolus dosage.

For full specifications please see our AutoFuser® Disposable Silicone Balloon Infuser product sheet.

Advantages of AutoFuser®

• Portable and disposable silicone infusion pump
• Pain relief without the side effects of narcotics
• Optional PCA bolus volumes
• Unique shape provides easy filling and patient comfort
• Reduced hospital stays and improved recovery time
• Latex free and DEHP free

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