Atraumatic Spinal Needle

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The atraumatic spinal needles are manufactured from siliconised, medical quality stainless steel to reduce friction when the needle is inserted. The conical-eliptic shaped tip provides the cannula with its atraumatic property reduces the risk of nerve fibre damage and enhances the ‘click’ feeling when perforating the dura mater.


In order to reduce patient pain and discomfort, the introducer has a double bevel which allows quick and easy penetration.

Each needle is supplied in an easy-to-open, colour coded blister pack for quick, simple identification of the size of the product. Sizes in the atraumatic needles without introducer range are available from 20G 90mm length to 27G 123mm length. The ‘with introducer’ range covers sizes 21G 90mm length to 29G 103mm length.

The stylet is fixed in the needle hub with a small ‘tongue’ to prevent the stylet from falling out of the needle, even in a vertical position, and a 360° magnifying ‘window’ in line with the lateral eye allows an enhanced view of CSF, even the smallest amount.


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