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New Partnership with NuroKor

Blue Box Medical are thrilled to be working in partnership with NuroKor for the sale and distribution of their MiTouch device in the UK.

MiTouch, which is a Body Therapy System, is a simple to use, handheld device which combines three clinically proven bio-electrical medical technologies for the effective, natural, drug-free relief of almost all types of pain, at the same time as helping the body’s own healing processes at the source of pain.
We are all very excited about this product as it not only helps with pain but the same technologies can be used to speed up rehabilitation, increase strength and assist performance gains. Everyone in the company has tried using MiTouch on various back, knee, hand and shoulder pain and all report great improvements or alleviation of the pain altogether!
If you would like to know more about MiTouch, please contact Blue Box Medical on 023 8066 9000 and speak to our Customer Service Advisors.

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Over the last couple of months we have been working closely with the branding agency, Become Creative - based in Rownhams, Southampton - who have created this new website for Blue Box Medical.